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buy generic propecia australia Tissue Wadding – Product is sometimes referred to Kimpak or Cellulose wadding.
Cellulose wadding is manufactured by combining multiple plies of soft, non-abrasive, highly-absorbent tissue into a single multi layered sheet. The finished product has excellent cushioning properties and can absorb five times its own weight. Since it is non-abrasive, it offers superior protection for the finish of anything packed with it. Cellulose wadding is available in rolls and sheets Max width 48” in rolls the rolls can be perforated horizontal and vertical. The horizontal perf is only available in 12”15”and 24” The Vertical or “zipping” can go as small as 3” and is unlimited with in the 48” width of the roll. Sheets can go as small as 3” and length as long as 72”. Common thickness is ¼ and roll size of 24” x 200’, but can be produced as thin as .040 (2 plies of tissue) with a length of 800’.
Cellulose Wadding can also be produced with a Kraft or Poly backing.

Our products are used to wrap housed hold goods in moving and storage industry, and product that are manufacturered that need a cushioned product. Our standard put ups

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