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This product is used in the food industry. It is designed for the carry out pizza industry. This product is used in pizza boxes for absorption under the pizza. It is made up of a mixture of 26# Medium with 40# Grease Resistant Paper.

First photo above illustrates where a Quillion Liner is used to line the bottom of a pizza box. Grease and oil collect on top of the Quillion Liner causing the pizza to become soggy. The second photo shows how oil and grease accumulate on the pizza box with no protection leaving a similar issue as seen with the Quillion Liner. Third photo illustrates a box with a Pizza Insert, with the last photo demonstrating how effective the Pizza Insert works by catching grease and oil. Pizza Inserts are a Corrugated product; therefore the flutes catch the grease and oil from the pizza allowing it to remain crisp and fresh.

Pizza Inserts are designed for the carry out pizza indusrty.
They are used in pizza boxes for aobsorption of grease and oils under the pizza.
Pizza Inserts are made of up of 26# Medium witb 40# Grease Resistant Paper.

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