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KRAFT – Virgin & Advantage
Kraft Paper is available in Virgin and Advantage (Recycled) grades from basis weights of 28# to 90#, which is based on 3,000 square feet. Most common basis weights of Kraft Paper 30# – 90#, are in increments of 10#’s. Example 30#, 40#, 50#, Etc. The tolerance on Kraft widths is plus / minus 1/4”, the tolerance on Kraft basis weights is plus / minus 10%. Rolls are run to a physical roll weight per inch of width, and/or footages required by what the customer needs. Virgin and Advantage is available in sheets or rolls in a variety of sizes and weights. Roll widths range from 2” to 72” which is standard in the industry; however we have the capability to run up to 84” in house. We also work with other converters, and these converters have capabilities to up to 130” in width. Kraft sheets can be flat packed, bundle packed in 50# bundles, 100# bundles, or 1,000 sheet bundles. Sheets can be as small as 3” x 3” or as large as 85” x 120”. Kraft paper can also be Die Cut in BW of 50# and heavier.

Virgin Kraft is 70% Virgin fiber and 30% Advantage (Recycled). Some Northern mills have true Virgin Kraft paper; however 70/30 has become the industry standard. True 100% Virgin is obtainable and is very expensive compared to the Virgin and Advantage (Recycled). The best way to tell the difference between Virgin and Advantage Kraft Paper is to compare the two pieces. Virgin will be cleaner with fewer specs and have a smoother finish. Advantage will have black and white specs and is lighter in color. Two of the primary applications for Kraft Paper are void filling and wrapping products for protection. These two applications make up 50% of the Kraft business. Other uses are divider sheets, brick manufacturing, wrapping reams of paper, dunnage, and backing of picture frames.

PH Level on Recycled Kraft
Average PH Level is 6.8 to 7.3 – considered Neutral by most paper mills. To obtain this spec of 6.8 to 7.3, product must be ordered to specify Neutral PH. Worst – 5.9 to 8.1, a sample must be sent to a paper mill for the level to be tested.
Sulfur is not added at the mill. However, since the mill has no control of furnished (raw material) on recycled products they cannot guarantee product to be sulfur free.

Typical End Uses of Kraft Paper
Postal Wrap – Used to wrap packages when they are mailed and sent UPS.
Metal Interleaving.

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