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Chipboard sheets range in caliper from .015 to .140 and are sheeted or cut
to size. Pasting is a process used to make Chipboard thicker with standard
maximum thickness being .045. The maximum size for pasted Chipboard is
52″ x 144″.  The maximum sheet size for .015 – .045 Chipboard is 80″ x  60″ and the minimum size is 3.5″ x 5″.  A Scored Slip sheet with clipped corners is available as a non-stock item in a minimum of .040. Clay Coated Chipboard is used in the food industry. BBP also stocks some of the most common printer’s Chipboard and sheets are available in bundles, skid packed flat, and boxed.
Gypsum is the lightest of the Chipboard products, it is an “off-spec” item ranging from .011 to .014.
Typical End Uses of Chipboard and Gypsum
There are many uses for Chipboard including; backing of notebooks, furniture manufacturing, angle board base stock, pallet covers and coasters for restaurants. Chipboard is also used in the picture framing, scrap booking and the printing industries. Chipboard and Gypsum are used for all types of
backings such as scratch pads, and is commonly used to interleave between products.

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